some books I read in 2022 w/ notes

Zen Training - Katsuki Sekida

Bought this book to study when I wanted to learn how to meditate properly. A simple and elegant style of writing explains mediation, breath work and posture clearly and eloquently. After practicing in between reading chapters of this book, I felt much more confident to meditate and would often practice in the park.

A Nation in Pain - Judy Foreman

Bought this book after recovering from a long term neck and shoulder pain. I wanted to understand more about what pain is - this book was incredibly revealing, describing in detail how different sorts of pain are viewed by western society, different treatments etc.

Radical Friends

A good book on DAOs and Web3 tech, particularly in the creative industry.

The Sellout - Paul Beatty

Once upon a China - CJ Lim

Fascinating stories that intertwine Chinese folklore, architecture, identity and technology. This book contained the most amazing architectural concept illustrations.

Letters to Commondo

Beautiful story by one of my favourite artists on his family history, particularly on this one street in Paris, their house, their furniture, the stories they told each other, how lives intertwined. After reading this I was in Paris and saw the house for myself.

Leave Society - Tao Lin

An auto-fictional book about a man who decides to slowly ‘leave society’ and become more attune to his health, diet, body and spirit after years of drug use and spouts of depression. This was an incredibly inspiring book which I have recommended to a few friends. I particularly liked the writing style - a focus on dialogue, inner dialogue and descriptions of specific feelings and less on environment and the way things looked.

Art, Self and System - Zurich University of the Arts 

A collection of essays from the students of the MA Fine Arts Program at ZHdk which I bought in Paris, I particularly liked the layout and feel of the book in my hands. It was nice to be reading art theory again and it was inspiring to read about developments in curatorial practice.

Mother Night - Kurt Vonnegut

Down and Out in Paris and London - Orwell

Shiatsu Japanese Massage for health and fitness - Elaine Liechti

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese technique of massage that involves placing pressure on very specific parts of the body. I liked the melding of body and mind in this technique and was fun to practice on friends.